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If you've taken a second to google 'uses for koji' you are probably now scared, anxious and awestruck at the sheer amount of applications available. This crippling realisation can cause symptoms of decision paralysis and eventual hiding the koji at the back of the cupboard.

We do not want this.

These are two quick and easy koji recipes which showcase what you can do.

(If you do find recipes you want to try - you can rehydrate dry koji and substitute it for fresh by adding 40% water.)

simple miso

This is an easy recipe that produces a sweet, umami miso after a few weeks. As the miso ferments, tamari liquid is released that can be used separately. 


Wide mouth container


Greaseproof paper


Koji 300g

Dried soybeans 300g

Salt 35g

Clean and sanitise container.

Wash then soak beans for 24 hours.

Simmer until soft 3-4 hours.

Strain, reserve liquid and allow to cool.

Combine salt, koji and soybeans.

Mash into paste, adding a bit of bean liquid.

(Pass through food processor if desired).

Lightly salt the empty container.

Pack paste into container tightly.

Lightly salt the top of the paste.

Press greaseproof paper to paste surface.

Apply weight (salt in a sealed bag works).

Loosely cover container.

Ferment for 2-6 weeks , eat when tasty.

Robin Sherriff Miso Making Recipe
Shio Koji Bruschetta Recipe


Koji 50g

Water 100g

Salt 7.5g

(1 : 2 ratio with 5% salt)

Combine and blend.

Transfer to container.

Loosely cover.

Keep at room temperature.

Mix daily for up to a week.

Store in a sealed container in the fridge.

Shio koji means salt koji. It should be called magic sauce. A dash, brush or spoon will amp up the complexity and umami of basically any food. Even your auld da's beans on toast.

shio koji

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